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Y8 Draw Story game

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Infomation: Let this world of doodle be your escape from daily boredom...
How to play: Arrows or WASD = Move, Jump, Duck
1-4 = Choose Box Color

Pick up colored pencils for more box ammo. When your desired box color is selected, click where you would like to place it.

Use brown boxes to reach places you can't get to on land, and green and blue boxes to cross air and water, respectively. (Be careful, green air boxes will disappear.) Use red boxes to kill enemies.

When you collect enough coins, the maximum box ammo you can store increases. A pack of pencils fills you up to the maximum quantity for that color.

Collect diamonds for points. Get enough points and you'll get an extra life. When you reach a flag, your progress will be saved. Reach the flag at the end of each level to move on.
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