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Egg2Mom Egg2Mom A mommy dragon just received an egg from the Dino Stork. Help it safely reach her nest.
Detective Conrad Detective Conrad Help Conrad through the rooms of mystery to find the hidden object for his clients
Detective Clara Detective Clara Detective Clara, Episode 1 - The Fridge Affair with 60 fun levels. Help Detective Clara to find the thief. Connect the trials, follow the footprints and discover the many clues that will lead you to find the thief of fridge. Enjoy
CAEDUS MYSTERIUM CAEDUS MYSTERIUM Search for clues around each new scene in this photo quality investigation game.
BELA KOVACS AND THE TRAIL OF BLOOD BELA KOVACS AND THE TRAIL OF BLOOD Join scruffy Hungarian private inspector Bela Kovacs on the tail of a murderous bloodsucker
MURDER ON THE MOREDIE EXPRESS MURDER ON THE MOREDIE EXPRESS Collect clues, talk to the passengers, and solve the murder on the Moredie Express in this point and click game by StillBeating Pictures. Good luck!
RIZZOLI AND ISLES BOSTON BUTCHER RIZZOLI AND ISLES BOSTON BUTCHER There was a murder in Boston. You are a detective and have to solve this case until many others follow. Talk to other characters and collect evidences in order to find out who is the murderer
FIND MY BARBIE DOLL FIND MY BARBIE DOLL Find My Barbie Doll is another new point and click game developed by Games2dress. The girl has lost her Barbie Doll. But she knew that it should be hidden somewhere in her room. Find all the items needed for the girl and help her to find her Barbie Doll. Good Luck and Have Fun
COACH VS PLAYERS COACH VS PLAYERS A day of soccer practice with a strict coach and mischievous players! Cause trouble, pull pranks and have fun by irritating the coach in each funny point and click level. How many clicks did it take you to win the game?
Ragdoll Achievement 2 Ragdoll Achievement 2	Figure out how to destroy the rag doll with mines, spikes, a trampoline, and other fun stuff in this joyously destructive mouse controlled puzzler.
Daymare Town 4 Daymare Town 4 Explore the haunting and mysterious Daymare Town in this beautifully hand-drawn point-and-click adventure
How Smart Are You How Smart Are You Explore an alien civilisation by solving a series of IQ test style problems in this fun puzzler that requires imaginative thinking.
Invaders Invaders	Keep on running, jumping and shooting everything that moves in this undemanding but mindlessly fun shoot-em-up
Red Ball 4 Vol 3 Red Ball 4 Vol 3 Help defeat the evil black cubes in this fun keyboard controlled platformer with cute graphics.
BLYM BLYM	Help Blym reach the teleporters in this funky keyboard controlled puzzle-platformer, where Blym can morph into the blue blocks.
Deeper Sleep Deeper Sleep Be prepared to be very afraid in this creepy point and click adventure game with fantastically atmospheric visuals.
Zombie Fight Club Zombie Fight Club Tool your zombie fighter up with guns, blades and armor, then head to the ring for turn by turn based combat
Escape From 26 Escape From 26 In a strange world of cages you must discover how to escape, in this beautiful (and slightly creepy) point-and-click adventure
Cyber Chaser Cyber Chaser Run across the rooftops, jumping and ducking obstacles, collecting coins, and blasting robots in this high octane shooter.
Raven Crime Raven Crime You are a hard boiled police detective, and must solve crimes by finding clues, talking to witnesses and figuring out riddles in this engaging point-and-click adventure.
Headless Zombie Headless Zombie Carl can take his head off and use it to solve how to reach the end of levels, in this cutely creepy keyboard controlled puzzle based platformer
The Keeper Of 4 Elements The Keeper Of 4 Elements Defeat waves of enemies by building defences based on the 4 elements, in this oriental inspired fantasy tower defence game
SLASH BOOM SLASH BOOM Make slices in the structures and blast the pieces off the screen. Don't leave too large of pieces.
CAVEMEN VS DINOSAURS CAVEMEN VS DINOSAURS Toss bombs accurately as you try to blow up all the dinosaurs in as few shots as possible.
BIEB BLASTERS 2 BIEB BLASTERS 2 Operation Bieb Blaster is about to start in this funny shooter. Polish your shiny bazooka and blast the Bieb into ashes.
DAS BOOM DAS BOOM Space race has begun! Baron has a new invention that will take him to the moon. Shoot objects to create series of explosions that will propel you upwards.
PENGUIN POUNCE PENGUIN POUNCE Our story starts with curious little penguin, who looses his family in migration from chilled winter because of his curiosity and distraction.Now its snowing and chilled storms Blowing, in that circumstances he is alone and helpless, he wants to survive for a hope to see his dear ones again,will you help him?
BOMB FAN BOMB FAN Gear up for some explosive fun at the center of the blast zone!
CHRISTMAS GIFTS GAME CHRISTMAS GIFTS GAME How quick are you? A New Christmas Gifts Game features Santa Claus giving gifts. Collect gifts and have fun in each level of the Game.
KLEINE CASTLE KLEINE CASTLE This is a story of two lucky rascals, Eine - a girl and Kleine - a boy by name, who set off for a trip having no special plans. And it happened so that they met a lot of adventures on their way...
BOMB ATTACK BOMB ATTACK Avoid the bomb attacks as long as you can to gain more available points
BEN 10 NERVOUS PUZZLE BEN 10 NERVOUS PUZZLE A new ben 10 puzzle game, he is so nervous. Enjoy the game.
BEN 10 PUZZLE GAME BEN 10 PUZZLE GAME Play and Enjoy this Ben 10 super puzzle game
BEN 10 SNOWBOARD BEN 10 SNOWBOARD Help ben 10 to jump ramps and avoid the obstacles.
BEN 10 PUZZLE BEN 10 PUZZLE A simple jigsaw puzzle featuring Ben 10.
BEN 10 ALIEN JIGSAW BEN 10 ALIEN JIGSAW Discover the pieces of Ben 10 Alien characters
BEN 10 NINJA BEN 10 NINJA Ben 10 Ninja fighter game for kids. Try to be real ninja in this game. Ben 10 is awesome in this flash game
BEN 10 SPACE BATTLES BEN 10 SPACE BATTLES This is a difficult mission. Ben 10 discover new planet and help Ben 10 destroy all monster fly in the sky.
BEN 10 TOW TRUCK BEN 10 TOW TRUCK A new Ben 10 game, you have to help Ben 10 to drive his tow truck
BEN 10 NEW ADVENTURE BEN 10 NEW ADVENTURE Help ben 10 to rescue Gwen
BEN 10 SKATEBOARD BEN 10 SKATEBOARD Play skateboard game with Ben 10
BEN 10^ ULTIMATE CRISIS BEN 10^ ULTIMATE CRISIS Fight against the aliens as Ben 10
BEN 10 CROSS THE CHASM BEN 10 CROSS THE CHASM Help ben 10 to cross the chasm
BEN 10 TRACTOR BEN 10 TRACTOR Help Ben to drive the tractor.
Airborne Wars 2 Airborne Wars 2 Order your mighty soldiers to conquer the key positions on the battlefield in order to win the war! Take control over enemy bases by using special units and special weapons!
Cobra Squad Cobra Squad Lead the deadly Cobra Squad and control 20 elite units! Use various weapons and abilities to defeat your enemies on the battlefield
Lone Ops Lone Ops Take position and shoot down the enemy's soldiers! Defend your base as a horde of fighters will attack it! Can you save the day?
Endless War 7 Endless War 7 It's endless war between the nations and there's chaos everywhere. Grab your crew and unleash the ultimate fire power of the majestic tank on your way to victory

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