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LAST TOWN ON EARTH LAST TOWN ON EARTH The last town on Earth is about to be overcome by a blizzard.
CONJURE CONJURE Use the elements to lob attacks at your enemies, summon elemental, and rock the pants off your former apprentice. Which elements you use play a big factor in your success- use the correct element to deal maximum damage? Have a fire elemental you want to make stronger? Cast some fire spells on him- just be careful not to hit the enemy fire elemental with fire spells or you'll heal and boost them.
MARIO FIRE BOUNCE 2 MARIO FIRE BOUNCE 2 Are you still addicted to Mario Fire Bounce game and want to play more? No worries, Mario Fire Bounce 2 is coming! Use fire balls to shoot down your enemies and challenge the totally 30 exciting levels, let's see how far you can go!
ELEMENTAL WAR ELEMENTAL WAR Ice army that come from the darkest corner of the hell, is attacking fire nation after a hundred years of preparation. It is your time to help fire nation against this crisis! A tower defense game with 2 game modes, 25 levels, 18 fighting units and upgrading systems.
KNIGHT TRAP KNIGHT TRAP Place a knight on each of the star platforms.
FLAMING CAMEL FLAMING CAMEL Destroy the army of Mubraks as the flaming camel hero
BEN 10 FIREMAN BEN 10 FIREMAN Kill all unwanted aliens through each level. please remember that your bullet is limited.
THERMOBOX THERMOBOX Smash those rocks with your hammer and use metal beams to help you melt the ice and release crates that contain Joey's birthday balloons.
DINO EXTERMINATION DINO EXTERMINATION A skills game where you have to help the last dinosaur survive to not become extinct. Avoid the meteorites and save his life.
LOKI LOKI Lead Loki, the fire god to the surface! When moving Loki, do not let him diminish by absorbing fires nearby. Touching walls, chains, bats, spiders, water, etc. will drain Loki's energy faster.
LAT TOWN ON EARTH LAT TOWN ON EARTH Play The last town on Earth challenging game; The last town on Earth is about to be overcome by a blizzard. Save them as much as you can. Save The last town on Earth.
FIRETRUCKS DRIVER FIRETRUCKS DRIVER As a driver of Fire Truck you must deliver firefighters to the place of conflagration as fast as possible so they can extinguish the fire. But be carefull on the streets, try not to crash your truck and do not knock down pedestrians.
PAPER PIPE TWIST PAPER PIPE TWIST Can you twist the pipes into place to put out all the fires? A fun puzzle game with hand-drawn artwork. Figure out the twists and turns of the fiendish Puzzle Mode, or test yourself against the infinite Challenge Mode!
SPACEMAN 51 SPACEMAN 51 An extraterrestrial life form that was captured after he crashed on Earth. He and his ship were kept in a secret military base until 'Spaceman 51' managed to escape from captivity and managed to recoup his ship. Help him avoid beefing captured again by General Panic and his military power. Three difficulty settings easy, normal and insane accessible from the option menu or the pause game menu.
STOP THE ABC STOP THE ABC The City is under attack, you can stop it by typing the letter that on the rocket.
LI'L JOSE'S BUILD A BOT LI'L JOSE'S BUILD A BOT Figure out which 5 robot parts match up and you'll unlock one of the 18 ending animations. Full-screen is supported and if the game runs slow, you can change the graphic quality any second.
TWITCHPACK TWITCHPACK Steer your Rocketpack to collect items in the sky while you try to survive a meteorite onslaught!. Collect enough items from the sky and upgrade your weaponry.
O.D.I.N.: ORBITAL DEFENSE INDUSTRIES NETWORK O.D.I.N.: ORBITAL DEFENSE INDUSTRIES NETWORK Defend this planet from dangerous aliens and meteorites
ROCKETSHIP ROCKETSHIP Based on Drifter 3.0 for the TI-89, Rocketship is a skill-based game where you DRIFT the Little RocketShip through the tunnel in the sky. Hopefully, you are able to help him be the best LRS that there ever was.
LENNY LOOSEJOCKS' AUSTRALIA DAY BLAST! LENNY LOOSEJOCKS' AUSTRALIA DAY BLAST! Lenny flies in on a rocket, wait until it glows, then click on the matching colored detonator to blow him sky-high! If you click too early or too late the bonus wheel will slow down - don't let it stop or it's game over.
ROCKET PANDA ROCKET PANDA Fly through Biscuit Worlds shooting everything in your path!
Bomb Sweeper Bomb Sweeper Secret NSA surveillance has revealed that person-of-interest Achmed the Dead Terrorist has obtained plans to build a superweapon called RoboAchmed. Achmed's terrible plans can only be thwarted if the five brave heroes who are most familiar with him can get together to stop him. Knowing this, Achmed has booby trapped their yards. You must flag the booby traps to release the five heroes before Achmed has time to complete RoboAchmed and strike terror into the hearts of the infidels.
MISSION PLANET X MISSION PLANET X Planet x is a unique puzzle game in which you need to find the accurate path to carry your rocket towards the planet x. you have to face many obstacles and challenge, but also a lot of fun around the way.
BRIAN BLASTOFF BRIAN BLASTOFF Fly threw the tube as you collect coins, avoid missiles, and grab powerups to get further.
TANK IN AIR TANK IN AIR Avoid enemy in your fly line.
ORBITAL GAME ORBITAL GAME Blast off with your space ship collect the astronauts to complete the levels
Back In Time Back In Time Bill totally just sent himself to the Middle Ages in a time machine. By accident. Help him get home again!
KILL THE RABBIT KILL THE RABBIT Incearca daca poti sa strivesti iepurele dragalasi
CUT AND KILL CUT AND KILL Cut the wood and kill the monster
CHUCK NORRIS CHUCK NORRIS Guns don't kill people. Chuck Norris kills people
AWESOME SHOOTING ZOMBIES AWESOME SHOOTING ZOMBIES Ever since the zombies being defeated by the plants, they were planning for another counter-strike. Now the gangs of zombies are taking the aggressive attacks, come on, take up your guns to shoot and kill those zombies!
TEQUILA ZOMBIES 2 TEQUILA ZOMBIES 2 Defend your ground as you blast incoming waves of zombies. Gather new weapons dropped by dead foe.
FRUITY GAES FRUITY GAES Get ready for 28 levels of extra fruity shots fun and let's start from the beginning, with easy throws until you get the hang of if.
FRUITSY SHOOTER FRUITSY SHOOTER Summer-flavored bubble shooter game.
HOW MANY APPLES ARE IN THE CART HOW MANY APPLES ARE IN THE CART How many apples are in the cart is a game which implies counting whole apples and apple halves; you are rewarded a crown for each level you pass.
FRUIT CONNECT FRUIT CONNECT Connect all matching fruit
FRUIT TOOTHPICK FRUIT TOOTHPICK This is a casual game with fruit theme, which requires the ability to use one\’s mind and hands.
PICKPICK PICKPICK Try to get all fruits, before the monkey catch the fruits.
FRUIT SHOOT GARDEN FRUIT SHOOT GARDEN Fruit Shoot Garden is a very fun game where you are shooting fruit from a leaf cannon while trying to match up similar fruits and make them all fall down. The fruits will spin around an axis each time you shoot them. Anytime you connect 3 or more identical fruit they will fall from the axis along with anything that depends on them to stay connected.
BUSTLING HEDGEHOG BUSTLING HEDGEHOG This bustling hedgehog provides with fruit and mushrooms. Help him to carry the food to the holes (light blue cells). The level is complete when all objects are at the blue cells. There are 20 levels and time limits. Publish the best result online.
JUMP N COLLECT JUMP N COLLECT Use your skills to aim and then shoot the little fuzzy bird up in the clouds so that he can collect as many bonuses as possible. Use your special skills and attention to calculate the best angle and do it fast enough to make a winning jump.
NATURE FRUITS - MATCH THE TILES NATURE FRUITS - MATCH THE TILES Find 3 or more 'Nature Fruits' which are similar and click them. Finish the target within the given time duration else you lose the game. Complete all levels to win the game.
TURKEY DINNER DECORATION TURKEY DINNER DECORATION After you have baked this delicious turkey. Now it is time to decorate the way you wanted.
Vampire Show Vampire Show These two gorgeous ghouls love to smooch, but a pesky bat keeps ruining the mood! Can you help?
Ninja Miner 2 Ninja Miner 2 He slices! He dices! He...mines? Tag along with the crazy ninja on another treasure-filled adventure.
Cute Witchy Dress-Up Cute Witchy Dress-Up This Halloween dress-up game will forever change how you think about a witch's wardrobe...
Getting Ready for Halloween Makeover Getting Ready for Halloween Makeover Help this spooky siren get all gussied up for the creepiest night of the year!

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