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Winnie The Pooh Memory Winnie The Pooh Memory Winnie the Pooh, America's most beloved children's character, stars in this memory game. You have 16 cards with question marks on them. There are eight pairs that you have to match. As you match pairs, the cards disappear and an image of Winnie the Pooh starts to appear. When you have matched all 16 cards, you see a cute vintage picture of Winnie the Pooh. Be careful as you play, because there are often more than one pair of cards with the same character. You have to look at the character's pose to know what it matches with. Discover more pictures as you play more levels.
Winnie The Pooh Word Match Winnie The Pooh Word Match Fun Winnie the Pooh characters test your reading comprehension skills. This game is perfect for kids who are just learning to read or English as a learned language students. Owl, Rabbit, and Tigger stand around a treasure chest. The treasure chest opens and reveals four pictures. You have to look at the word that's listed at the bottom of the screen and click the picture that matches it. If you get it right, they all cheer. If you click on the wrong one, the game doesn't acknowledge it. It just ignores it, which is good for young kids who need praise rather than negativity when learning.
Winnie Color Math Winnie Color Math Winnie Color Math is a fun game that will help your boys and girls of all ages learn better addition and subtraction and could even sharpen the skills of teenagers and adults. Put your paintbrush over a part of the picture and it will give you a math equation. Figure out the answer and apply the color that corresponds to that number to the picture. Keep doing this until the entire picture is filled in and then you get to move on to more pictures and more addition and subtraction in Winnie Color Math!
Winnie The Pooh Sliding Puzzle Winnie The Pooh Sliding Puzzle Winnie The Pooh Sliding Puzzle is a great puzzle and tile game for boys and girls of all ages to enjoy. Simply use the mouse to click on the red button to make a tile appear. Try to match the tile up with the faded picture in the background. Once you make the picture in its entirety you'll get to see it without the tile lines and move on to another picture. Join Pooh, Pigley, Tigger, Eyeore, and others in their adventures as you play and have fun in Winnie The Pooh Sliding Puzzle
Winnie Golf Winnie Golf Winnie Golf is a fun game of golf for kids that is made even more fun by having Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, or Piglet be the main player. Your goal is to try to make par or better for each of the nine holes you will play through. Use the mouse button to direct the aim of the golf ball and then pay attention to the meter in the top right hand corner of the screen to see how much power you will want to fire the ball with. Beware of strange obstacles like rabbits and other animals trying to get in your way on the golf course. Can you make all nine holes in Winnie Golf?
Winnie The Pooh Ball Winnie The Pooh Ball Winnie The Pooh Ball is a super fun spelling game that young girls and boys can have a lot of fun with and learn how to spell on top of it. The screen has Winnie the Pooh hanging from a balloon with different objects floating in the air with him. There are letters to spell the word on the right hand side but also hunny pots and beehives as well. Spell the words with the letters in the correct order and you'll get extra points. The more you play, the more you'll learn how to spell so have your kids give Winnie The Pooh Ball a try now!
Hunny Jump Hunny Jump In Hunny Jump you'll get to test your reflexes and your timing in this super fun game that stars Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Tigger will bounce around, waiting for your instructions. You're just waiting for the yellow arrow to get to the highest part of the meter in the green. Once it hits the dark green, click the mouse and Tigger will bounce over and get Pooh to catch the bee's nest and the honey! The bees will come by and carry it back for you to play another turn. Can you get the hunny in Hunny Jump? Try now!
Winnie The Pooh Dress-up Winnie The Pooh Dress-up Winnie the Pooh is already cute, but you can make him even cuter by dressing him up! In this dress-up game, Pooh is standing next to a shy Piglet while Tigger bounces on his tail behind him. To get Pooh dressed, click on a clothing item and drag it to a part on his body. Line it up so it fits correctly on him. He has mittens, shoes, shirts, and pants. Go with a classic Pooh look with a red shirt or try something completely new for Winnie the Pooh! See what makes him look cute and what makes him look funny.
Zambezia Coloring Game Zambezia Coloring Game It is clearly you have already awared of the last picture of American and African cooperation, Triggerfish Animation and Wonderful Works studios appropriately. The business of small falcon Kai has already conquered the minds of viewers. Whereas the picture is well-loved, our cool creators designed the game and now you can colour your favorite ones, whether it would be Neville or even bad guy Budzo! Feel free and play the game for free!
Snow Racers Snow Racers Race your fierce opponent through the snowy mountains and beat him to the finish. Play free online game Snow Racers and have fun!
Turbo Car Driver 3D Turbo Car Driver 3D Drive your mini-cooper car, at high speed, trying not to hit the others cars. Collect the tools to repair your car, and continue your game. Play free online game Turbo Car Driver 3D and have fun!
Vivid Racers Vivid Racers Join the Vivid racers in their tournament. Take part in their amazing races. The grid and it's colors will guide you along the track of darkness. Including track editor to build your own custom race track. Play free online game Vivid Racers and have fun!
Mini Rockets 3D Mini Rockets 3D Race for first place amongst four racers. Four difficulty levels and a competitive cup with four tracks will keep you racing for a long time to come. In the Time trial mode race against the clock in a single race on any course. Play free online game Mini Rockets 3D and have fun
London Taxi Madness London Taxi Madness Try to reach the next checkpoint within the given time limit. Be careful as other cars will block you. Sometimes they will even block all 3 lanes so you will have to use a special feature of your taxi! Just jump over other cars and continue your high speed frenzy. Once you pass a checkpoint you will get additional time. As you progress the time for passing a waypoint will steadily decrease. Later in the game you will be able to pick up clocks which will add 5 seconds to your time. There are also turbo items on the track. Collect 3 of them to activate the turbo. Unlock secret cars if you are able to beat very high scores. While other taxi drivers may get bored you will certainly like your duty! Play free online game London Taxi Madness and have fun!
3D Turbo Speed 3D Turbo Speed D Turbo Speed,use Arrow key to dirve,and 1 or 3 key to change camera pos. Space key to pause the game. Play free online game 3D Turbo Speed and have fun!
Santa Claus On Bike Santa Claus On Bike Santa Claus is getting ready for Christmas. He wants to try something different this year. He wants to try collecting the gifts from his super turbo bike. He needs someone with skills, someone who can make all the stunts and tricks very good. Santa chose you, so together you will collect the gifts to score a high score. So get started and prove Santa that you are very talented! You can do this! Merry Christmas! Play free online game Santa Claus On Bike and have fun!
Crim Busters Crim Busters Crim Busters, an addictive, arcade inspired, police pursuit game! The criminals are on the run and only the Crim Busters can stop them! Chase down each Crim and ram their car until the damage meter fills and they are forced to stop! Spread across five addictive levels, use your driving skills and turbo boosts against the clock to bust some crims! Play free online game Crim Busters and have fun
TURBO TURBO TURBO TURBO TURBO TURBO Having trouble with the game or think you found a bug? Report it to freeonlinegames.name You have been recruited as the driver of the world's fastest concept turbocar. Drive skillfully and win races to gain fame and fortune; lose or crash, and your manager will encourage you to win another way...by beating everyone senseless at the post-race celebration party
The Avengers - Hidden Alphabet The Avengers - Hidden Alphabet The Avengers - Hidden Alphabet : The Avengers pictures flashed on your screen has many alphabets cleverly hidden around. Find them out in quickest possible time.
The Avengers - Spot the Differences The Avengers - Spot the Differences The Avengers - Spot the Differences : Make good use of your visual skills to spot all the differences from the pairs of pictures featuring some of the super heroes
The Avengers - Space Cannon The Avengers - Space Cannon The Avengers - Space Cannon : Eliminate all the bubble clones by using the cannon to shoot the colored bubbles to make the right matches. Save the world in this light hearted online game.
Marvel Hangman Marvel Hangman Marvel Hangman : All the villains are playing Hangman and hence you will need to control all the heroes from Marvel to defeat the villains.
Stones Of Thanos Stones Of Thanos Stones Of Thanos : Play this puzzle game with either of the various featured heroes. Strain your brain and complete each level to pass each of the levels of the game.
Thor - The Defense of Asgard Thor - The Defense of Asgard Thor - The Defense of Asgard : Take up the challenge of playing epic defense of Asgard. You must be able to take down Loki and his minions in this cool game
Thor - Takes Flight Thor - Takes Flight Thor - Takes Flight : Fly the Super Hero Thor to go around taking part in this action packed online game where Loki has to be defeated at all cost.
Justice League Brink of Apokolips Justice League Brink of Apokolips Justice League Brink of Apokolips : Darkseid is planning to destroy the earth. Play Justice League who cannot let any bad thing happen to the earth and hence takes the fight to the enemies.
HawkGirl Training Academy HawkGirl Training Academy HawkGirl Training Academy : Play as the Hawk Girl who is out there for getting trained in each of the levels of the game. Help her glide through to cover the maximum distance.
Hawkeye Adventure Defence Hawkeye Adventure Defence Hawkeye Adventure Defence : Control your hero in this adventure defence game and shoot skillfully to defeat the evil mutant bugs launching attacks to take down your bases
Green Arrow Training Academy Green Arrow Training Academy Green Arrow Training Academy : Being in the training academy, you must hone your shooting skills at the target range. Play through various levels and score as many points as possible.
Green Arrow Lastman Standing Green Arrow Lastman Standing Green Arrow Lastman Standing : Help Green Arrow become expert in his archery skills even as he requires to hit the target as many time as possible. The moving target is surely not easy to hit.
Black Widow Black Widow Black Widow : Help Black Widow recover stolen stark industries tech from an AIM base. It will take some super hero skills to infiltrate the base and make it through to the exit.
The Naked Alien The Naked Alien GO around and jump over the alien birds to kill them. Follow the arrows to get to the exit. Hit WASD or arrows to play.
Angry Birds Dangerous Railroad Angry Birds Dangerous Railroad Have fun with the Angry Birds on a train and get all the eggs and gems on the way. Jump over the obstacles and don't fall! Use space bar to begin and up arrow to jump.
Angry Birds Save Eggs Angry Birds Save Eggs Help the Angry Birds save the eggs falling from the sky and win! Use your mouse to move the birds and make the eggs bounce.
Angry Birds Lover Angry Birds Lover Have fun and goin the angry Birds couple and take them to the last level. Hit X to slide, Z to fly.
Angry Birds Glasses Angry Birds Glasses Spin the Birds and their enemies so that they stand looking at the mirror. Do it quickly and win! Use your mouse.
Rolling Angry Birds Rolling Angry Birds Make the Angry Birds roll and help them reach the center. Getflowers and earn points. Use arrow keys to play.
Angry Bird and Zombies Angry Bird and Zombies This is a game similar to Plant vs Zombies, where you get to use the plants as a cannon to get rid of the zombies. Place the plants on the right spot and shoot the angry birds. Use your mouse.
Bad Birs the Escape Chronicles Bad Birs the Escape Chronicles Help the birds find the exit. Pick a task, a bird and find the way out. Use oyur mouse
Angry Birds Heroic Rescue Angry Birds Heroic Rescue Help this Angry Birds character protect its girlfriend from the pigs. Hit the enemies and defeat them to win.
Abutu The Hunter Abutu The Hunter Have fun with this shooting game and kill some birds in each evel. Use your mouse to shoot.
Crazy Birds Crazy Birds Use your skills to defend your castle, shoot the birds that wanna destroy it. Use your mouse to play.
Angry Birds Hunt Angry Birds Hunt This is a new version of the most famous game in the world: Angry Birds. With the given number of shots, you msut get rid of the birds using your mouse.
Angry Birds Eat Ice Cream Angry Birds Eat Ice Cream Help the Angry Birds eat all the ice cream. Aim and get all the points you need. Use your mouse.
Angry Birds Go Angry Birds Go Help the Angry BIrds kill all the green pigs. Speed up and hit them all. Use arrow keys.
Angry Bird Vs Zombies Angry Bird Vs Zombies You have to help the Angry birds kill all the zombies. Use your mouse to launch them and win!
Zomby Birdy Zomby Birdy Angry Birds have become zombies and you have to protect the pigs. Move pieces and change the birds' path to survive. Use your mouse.
Doctor Acorn Birdy Level Pack Doctor Acorn Birdy Level Pack Take your character to the birds hospital and cure the birds. Use your skills to open doors, activate fans, avoid traps and get the pills on the way. Use your mouse.

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