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Clear Vision 2 Accomplish various sniping missions. Between missions you´ll find out about this sniper´s dark past. Will he learn from his mistakes and turn evil to good? Warning: violent content. Filesize is almost 10Mb, so it takes a while to load.
Clear Vision Between assassination jobs, learn the dark truth about this stick dude's past. It's not pretty. But he does have a nice apartment.
Clear Vision Elite Our boy Jake is back. Other snipers wet their pants just hearing his name! Meaty missions with fantastic firepower, dude!
Counter Force Shoot the enemies with a pistol or a sniper rifle. Don't let any get away as you move to new levels.
Tactical Assassin 2 You are the elite sniper of a organization that is assigned various missions. Read the briefings carefully to know how to accomplish your goals.Take out your targets fast and efficiently without leaving a trace.Try to clear all nine missions!
Sniper Assassin 3 Sir Sniper has found his wife's killer. But the story only gets more complicated. Fortunately, there's plenty of bullets to go around!
The Sniper Snipe an entire map as you zoom in and find the enemies and blast them away with your sniper rifle.
Tactical Assassin You are an assassin. Read the briefing for each mission carefully and take out your targets.
Bloody Day Part 1 Shoot all the sticks that cross your view with different guns.
Sniper Assassin 2 Avenge the hideous murder of your wife. But many targets lay between you and your final victim. Wear your boots, 'cause you're gonna be knee-deep in blood before this is over.
Tactical Assassin Substratum More missions to test your Tactical Assassination skills!
Sift Heads Click on mouse: shooting Spacebar: reload Complete the objectives
Anaksha - Female Assassin A well made sniper game with some great detail and good cutscenes. Brains go splat!
Foxy Sniper 2 Now, your missions are harder, and require new skills. When she delivers death to your door, you still give her a big tip!
Bloodshot A short sniper game of shooting people and objects. Different ways to finish a few levels.
Shooter Max A thrilling and fast shoot em up game where you have to shoot on every target that moves before it has a chance to shoot at you! Fast action music will get you in the right mood quickly!
Arsenal 2 Romanov Shoot objects and gun down enemies by blasting them away as the blood spills, splatters, and gushes.
Foxy Sniper - Pirate Shootout Blast some pirate heads open as they attempt to hold our oil captain hostage. Time to snipe!
Sniper Assassin A few more levels of getting missions and shooting stick figures with your sniper rifle.
The Professionals The aim is to shoot the targets moving around the various assault courses with your sniper rifle. But to gain more points you have to shoot the targets with greater accuracy and as soon as possible.
Ammo Ambush 2 Infiltrate enemy base using your sniper riffle!
The Sniper 2 Very smooth working sniper game. When you see the Asian texts, just wait a few seconds for the start button to appear. Kill everybody on your way through the dark rooms.
Sniper:Demonic Osbournes The Osbournes have gone demonic. So pick up your gun and shoot them down.
Foxy Sniper Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Fear me, because I am a crack shot! Assassination isn't just a job; it's a way of life.
Hitman Mission Pack 6 levels of finding your target and shooting them with tactics. You'll need accuracy to finish.
Sniper School Game Shoot the target as many and accurate as you can.
Save The Witness Save the witness by shooting objects to keep them safe. Keep people from dying instead.
The Urban Sniper: Vengeance Think you can defeat the enemy? Take your best shot in this action packed sequel to Urban Sniper2!Take your shot in this stunning Sequel to Urban Sniper1. This time, you are out for pure vengeance for your father? death.Eliminate Don Pedrito and his goons, by following your instructions to kill specific targets, given to you by email. Remember, things aren? what they seem and you have to use your head as the ultimate Sniper!Tip: Keep an eye out for specific events to help you complete the level and remember to use the environment to your advantage (stuff can be destroyed or blown up!)You have limited Ammo and you are judged on your accuracy!
Gun Shot Shoot all targets that pops out on your screen.
Phantom Sniper Demo Ch.1 This is just a demo of the sniper game and not much in it, just a little to see what you guys think and hope you like it.
Sniper 3 Make the sniper shots, but use your brain on what you should shoot first and what not to. Few levels.
Vinnies Shooting Yard 4 Test your sniper accuracy on this rooftop range. Choose a weapon and number of live targets then aim & shoot with your mouse.
JVC Stinger Sniper The Stinger gang has taken over the city. Oh noes! You, my intrepid little sniper, will save us all. Shoot quickly and accurately, and try not to bungle the puzzle missions, mm'kay?
Silent Kill You are a sharpshooter that has to search for and kill his objectives. In the photos, look at the characteristics of each one and find him by zooming in, and shoot him. Your time and ammunition are limited.
Base Defense 2 It's your task to defend your base against attackers, they will get more health after each attack, shoot them for money to by some upgrades.
Police Sniper 2 Perform sniper missions in your helicopter, shoot down enemy snipers and rockets.
Base Defense 2: Monsters Use Mouse to Interact
Point Resistance Defend your base by shooting the incoming waves of enemies and upgrading your weapons and teammates.
Snipers Play as a trained officer in Snipers! Take down the terrorists that have taken over several parts of the city. Stay alive for the required amount of time and don't shoot any hostages!
The Strangers A good sniper game that has good graphics and multiple sniper positions to switch to.
Philadelphia CTU You must kill all 45 terrorist in order to complete the mission and save the hostages. Your night vision scope will become active once the electricity is cut in the building. This should provide you with adequate coverage against terrorist. You only have 3 minutes before the lights come back on and your position is revealed.
Fulltime Killer Play as a professional hired killer and kill all your enemy using sniper rifle!
12Days Play as a hired killer and shoot using your sniper rifle
The Strangers 2 New maps, new strategic positions and a different quest. You are on your own to defend a village form strangers.
3D Tanks Your mission is to not let the enemy tanks overwhelm our defences! Avoid shooting medic and nuclear trucks, but stop money trucks to earn cash. You will be able to upgrade your weapons upon completion of missions. Good luck!
Scope Assault You have 1 minute to eliminate all the terrorists in the building.
Sniper WWII Shoot the stick figures. Don't shoot at the wrong time or in the wrong order or you fail the mission
Sniper Global Mercenary Shoot the right stick figures in the right order to complete each mission. Shoot carefully!
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