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Ashtons Family Resort Run your own holiday park and give your visitors a relaxed and well deserved vacation!
Drager Safety:Firefighter Stop the fire and save the houses before it' s too late.
Ginger Dawn Our task is to create as many red hair babies as possible. Use Arrow keys to run around and find a mate before time is running out. Get back to your house when you've reached the target.
Cinderella Escape Help Cinderella to get back to her house before midnight or her carriage will turn into a pumpkin.
Lovely Home Be creative and decorate your own lovely home the way you want! I hope you don't mind Sushi playing with her ball all the time! She cant help it! She wants to become a famous tennis player. Use your mouse cursor to play this room decoration game made for girls.
7 Seas Estates Buy houses as prices rise, sell as prices fall. Make money, buy bigger houses. Get highest score.
Trick or Suite It's Halloween night and you only have a half hour before you go in for the night! Try to get as much as candy as you can by knocking from apartment doors from floor to floor.
Effing Hail Your objective in this interesting online game is to lay waste to a city by wielding your power over Effing Hail.
House Arrest Escape The 41st escape game from 123bee.com Subjected to house arrest, you are detained by the authorities. You will have to escape from this house by using your skills.
Pretty Homemaker This is a doll house game, decorate your house with your own style of interior designing.
Drager Safety Firefighter Stop the fire and save the houses before it' s too late.
New Dream Room Be creative and create that dream room you always wanted as you just moved in.
Dora Play House Help Dora decorate her new play house with many features.
Sweet Fruity House Welcome to the Fruit Manor! Everything here is related to yummy fruits! You could choose your favorite fruity house and decorate your room! Enjoy this fun sweet fruity house decorating game for girls!
Zombies In Da House Zombies have taken over the city. Defend yourself til rescue arrives or be bombed with the zombies.
Dolls At Home Help Dolls to move into their fabulous new house! Arrange the rooms nicely with all the available items and furniture!
Bhargavi Nilayam -The Haunted House Click the doors to open and find matching pairs of evil spirits before the time runs out.
Escape The Farmhouse The mission of this game is to escape from a house. You will need to solve a series of puzzles and follow clues in order to escape. There is a mysterious lock on the door which requires many shapes to be compiled to form one object allowing your escape. Collect whatever objects you can to help you complete your objectives and don't be afraid to break and cut your way to new clues and keys. Have fun escaping the farm house.
Tree House This old tree in Jason's back yard is ready to host an awesome tree house. But first, you must give Jason a hand with choosing the coolest design and decorate the place around. For a cozier look, try adding some colorful furniture and toys.
Haunt The House Possess items around the house and scare everyone out! The more you scare, the more powerful you become. Don't frighten them too much though, they might freak out and do something stupid... Have Fun!
Barbie Play House Help Barbie decorate her new play house with many features.
House Estate The aim of the game is to make enough money buying and selling houses on the property market to buy the 10-million-pound mansion.
Blue House Hidden Objects To progress, you have find the 7 items in Blue House. You can also gain extra points by finding the 7 coins scattered around.
House on fire You need to learn how to escape from the fire for surviving your worst nightmare.
DoliVille Have you always wondered how the Doli friends' hometown looked like? Well, not is your chance to pay them a visit in Doliville and, moreover, to surprise them by getting their chic little town a brand new, dreamlike look! Go for vivid colors, go for spectacular, unique dreamworld buildings, for trees that seem to have been taken form the fantasy world, but first keep in mind to do all the mending that's needed, too!
Mystery of the Hope Diamond The hope diamond was stolen and you will have to search for the clues that lead to finding this beautiful blue diamond. If you want to solve this case and find the diamond, you need to find the hidden items in each scene.
Missing Goldy This cute little dog called Goldy is lost somewhere in the Washington Square area. So, you must do your best and find the dog until the end of the day, because this area is scary at night. If you want to find him, you must search for the items that belong to Goldy.
Secrets of Grandpa\’s House The story in this game is about a girl who gets this strange dream after her grandpa passed away. She remembers that in the dream they were reading some parts of the Bible. She doesn\’t know what this mean and why she had this kind of dream…If you want to see the whole story, help her to find the Bible in the house.
Mystery House Jigsaw There are so many mystery and unknown places. This is house is one of them. No one lives here and there is some mystery about it! But your goal is not to find out that! You have another aim this time. You just have to solve puzzle. At the beginning choose one of the four modes: easy, medium, hard and expert. In each mode the picture is composed by different number of pieces. Test your abilities and find yourself in one mode
Fruits Room Escape Fruits Room Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from Gamesperk. In this escape game, you are locked in fruits room. Try to escape from the room by finding items and by solving the puzzles. Use your bestest escape skills. Good luck and have fun!
Janes Guest House Jane is owner of a beautiful guest house on exotic beach. Today she got a call from the Smith family. They want to spend their summer vacation in her apartment. That is why Jane has to clean the house, put everything on the right place, to shop fruits and vegetables and visit the local market.
Bratz New Room Game This bratz wants to decorate her new room, Help her decorate the room with the given beds, chairs, tables and accessories!
Chicken House 2 All new levels of chicken house! Break the eggs and solve puzzles in this challenging game with angry birds!
The Lake House Case Sharon Pinson is detective from Oklahoma. He accepted the case for a stolen jewelry collection. Help him to solve the case.
My Kindergarten Decoration I want to have my own dream kingdergarten, where there are beautiful surroundings, lots of fun toys, nice teachers and most importantly, my best friends. How does your dream kingdergarten look? Let's play this fun game and create your favorite! Have fun!
My Cat New Home Help this sweet cat decorate his new house with many features.
Bungalow Decorating Play our bungalow decorating game to give your own bungalow a DIY decorating overhaul. Use your imagination to make the most beautiful bungalow. Have Fun!
Wooden Farm House Escape Wooden Farm House Escape is type of point and click new escape game developed by games2rule.com You are trapped inside in a Wooden Farm House Room. The door of the Wooden Farm House room is locked. There is no one near to help you out. Find some useful objects and hints to escape from the Wooden Farm House. Good Luck and Have Fun!
Peppa Pig Doll House Design and decorate the Peppa Pig doll house. Feel free to put all your decoration ideas into practice!
Vampire Secret Rooms There is a rumors that this old house is possessed by a Vampire. people who used to live here says that they hear very strange sounds in the evening and the next morning the items were displaced.
Barbie New Play House Help Barbie decorate her new play house with many features.
Silence of the Tree House How many of you have dreamed about a place where you can escape from your everyday activities? it is called a tree house. enter into a world of silence and relaxation..
Antique House Escape Just imagine, you are trapped in this Antique House Escape. Your task is to escape from this house. In this house some of the clues are hided in different places, you need to search and find all the clues and coordinate them in a logical manner then find the code and have a great escape.
My Home Library This is my house. I love books and have few rooms full of books. I called them home libraries.
Princess Belle Room Princess Belle is moving to the palace. She needs your help to decorate her new room.
Vintage House Hidden Objects Find all hidden objects in this vintage house, use the mouse to search the area for it. can you find them all?
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