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Burger Mania A cool match 3 game flip burgers match them up and make the orders to win!
Jasmine Jasmine is a little dog who wants to have fun. Do all she wants to keep her entertained.
Pizza Make Pizzas to the customers as quickly as possible to earn the biggest money.
Ice Cream Serve Up Serve ice cream to the kids when they enter in. If you waste an ice cream, your score will get reduced. Attain each level target to play the next level.
Sue's Sandwich Shop Help make some delicious sandwiches.
Fastest Burger Maker Prove your cooking skills by making burgers in short duration. Use veggies and other items in the same order to prepare burgers as per the customer? request given in the menu card. Don? let many orders to be put on hold and to be made to wait in the queue.
Sport Snacker Feed them all! don't let them run outta food!
Breakfast Sandwich Shop Make the sandwiches they ask you for and serve them. Remember that you must fry the ham and the eggs.
Juice Machine Click on the needed color when the glass coincides with particular color to fill juice into the glass. Similarly, click on the item when the juice glass coincides with particular item.
Boat House Hotel You own a seaside restaurant. You have to run this restaurant to earn your living. People come and rest on the beach near your restaurant. Your job is to serve food and drinks to these people.
Burger Run Are you ready for some serious burger cooking ? Run your business and become a burger tycoon by building multi layered burgers! Click on the ingredients. Click on the topping to serve the burger!
Cake Lover Do you love sweets and especially those fruity and with lots of icing and toppings cakes? I'm sure you do just as much as this girl. And because she loves them so much she decided to make them and have other children and people enjoy them. So she opened her own cake shop, starting baking some cakes, decorate and sell them. But she realized that this job is not so much fun if she doesn't have the help of a friend. Be her friend and start building a cake empire, opening shop after shop. Learn from the master how to make the best cakes, sell them and make enough money to upgrade your first store then open new ones. Go shopping for some more efficient ovens and some decorations for your shop to make even more appealing to your customers. Have fun helping the girl to run the cake shops!
Ratatouille Dinner is Served Take care of the customers that need food. Click their food and serve them food and get money.
How To Make A Bread Pizza Make some delicious pizza using bread.
Big Bob's Burger Joint Make delicious burgers to earn lots of money.
Toffee Shop Prepare and serve a requested toffee to customers. Use mouse to grab the item. Use toffee machine to make toffee apple. Similarly, use coffee machine to make coffee. Serve French fiers by placing them in a tray.
Christmas Sugar Cookies Bake delicious sugar cookies for Christmas. Click the particular item to allow the character to proceed. Attain each level target within the given time duration to play the next level.
Un Apetit De Necrezut Plant the fruit and veggies so that the cook will have delicious ingredients to cook with.
Deep Fried Bread Cook and serve as many breads before times runs out
Ice Cream Shop This is a fun game! Simply click on correct color of ice cream and garnish based on the kids' order. Make sure you use the correct cone. Have fun!
Cool Ice Cream Maker Build your very own delicious ice cream cones.
Donut Shop A happy cooking game about making and selling delicious donuts. Can you build up the best donut shop? Use the mouse cursor to create your donuts.
Sue's Diet Sue feels a bit fat. Help her choose the right foods. The light shows you which foods have the least amount of calories.
Cup'n'Cake Prepare and serve game in which you have to accomodate and serve your customers with drinks and cake. Upgrade your shop and try to become the most popular cafe by reaching your daily goals, and buying the right upgrades!
Menu Mayhem Win Free food at Ha! Ha! for a year!
Breakfast Game Prepare good and mouth watering breakfast!
Pizza Shop The ingredients starting with pizza base will be highlighted. Click on them in that order,and then click on the box. Click on the pizza again to put in it in the box. The ingredients will vary for the next pizza. You have to make 10 pizzas in 3 minutes in the first level. The number of pizzas to be will increase in the subsequent levels,and limit will also increase.
Pizza Shack Serve the people with some Fries, shakes and Pizza.
Indian Juice Shop Prepare the juice items and serve the juice to the customers and go to the next level.
Coffee Tycoon You run a coffee shop and it's your job to keep the business going.
Ice Cream Heaven Take care of the ice cream parlor as you bring customers their requested dishes.
Drinks Make some delicious hot tea and ice tea to your customers.
How To Make Mixed Bean Soup This game is based on real recipe. You can also prepare this dish at home with adult supervision.
Dinner Party Help! The guest will be here any minute and nothing is ready! Be sure not to serve the wrong thing or you'll lose points.
Mikey's Crazy Cafeteria The orders from the clients are passing fast in front of Mikey. Use the mouse to push the right button for each order.
Unfabulous: Burger Bustle You're a server at a hamburger restaurant. You must greet the clients, seat them, and then bring them their orders. Don't forget to clean the table after they leave.
Pappaz Pizza Try to keep your restaurant going for as long as possible- and don't miss your orders!Drag the ingredients from their location on the table to the pizza. Follow the recipe and when finished, click the pell.
Donuts Mania Manage the donut shop as you build donuts to your customers specs. Don't build them wrong!
Fish Fry Fry some delicious fish in the seashore and sell it to people.
Mom Mania Serve the kids with some Mac and Cheese.
Super Pie Delivery Fly around with your jetpack delivering pies. Don't get hit by those cars.
Pinkys Pancakes Welcome to my pancake shop.This is your first day and we all know what happens the first day on the job! I get to train you, Your job is to make all of the orders for the customers.There are a lot of things you need to learn before working on your own so lets get going!
Pancake Master Serve hot and delicious pancake at your customer.
Meet the Robinsons - Uncle Art's Pizza Delivery Challenge Help Uncle Art deliver pizzas to the Robinson's family members!
Burger Point Memorize the list of ingredients and prepare a burger within a given time duration.
Beach Cafe Serve the customers well and earn maximum score. Take an order, clean the table, place an order, get fodd as well as dispose the wastes. You can call the worker to clean the dishes and clean the glasses. You can only take an order after cleaning the table. Don't make the customers wait too long or they will walk out making you loose a life.
Salad Server How many kinds of salad can you serve within the time limit.
Indian Corn Shop Prepare corn in Indian style and serve it to the customers before they leave your shop.
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